Introducing Joanne Peppard – Counselling Intern

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Counselling helps you learn ways to successfully deal with your current issues so they lose the power to control you.

Joanne Peppard Headshot
Joanne Peppard, a Counselling Intern, is joyfully offering her services at Glow, currently at no fee while she works as an intern. She incorporates Collaborative Strength Based Non-Pathologizing approaches like:

-Modivational Interviewing;-Solution Focused Therapy;
-Relational Techniques such as Gottman and Emotionally Focused Therapy;
-Relaxation Techniques;
-The Transtheorectical Model of Change including Harm Reduction.

Joanne has 20 years experience working with people in a variety of settings and has provided education and counselling to  clients of every age and background. She holds a BA in Communication, a Diploma in Nursing with a specialty in Labour and Deliver and a Masters in Counselling and Psychology.
For more information on Joanne and her services, please visit her website:

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