Natalia Chouklina – Certified Life Coach

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The newest face to be seen around Glow is Natalia Chouklina, BBC, ACC & Certified Life Coach. Glow is grateful to offer her Life Coaching services and expertise! Read further to find more about Natalia and what she does:

Achieve the Impossible

Natalia is a Life Coach for people who want to shine with passion, stellar confidence and unwavering self-respect every day and take magnificent strides towards making their dreams come true in life + business.

She started to practice life coaching in 2011 after earning her certification at CoachU. Through her 1:1 sessions she empowers her clients to transform their desires into reality, dissolve limiting beliefs, work through fears and celebrate their successes as they uncover what truly lights them up!

This could mean:

  • Doing work that is personally fulfilling and engages your passion
  • Exploring the relationship you have with yourself and clarifying what you want for the next phase of your life
  • Connecting to your deepest desires and discovering a more authentic life path
  • Aligning your life, career and relationships with your core values
  • Learning to access your inner wisdom – whenever you need it
  • Reducing the impact of fears, self-doubt and unhelpful mental chatter in your life
  • Experiencing more confidence, ease and joy everyday!

You don’t need to wait for your life to spin out of control or have any answers in order to work with a life coach. You simply have to be open to doing the work and unwilling to settle for anything less than a life that’s the brightest expression of who you really are!

Natalia is very passionate about creating long-lasting shifts in her clients’ lives and holding them to their greatness. She’s a generous, supportive, honest and a sensitive life coach with a highly developed intuition.

Recent testimonial:

“I decided to quit my job due to not feeling satisfied with my career and when I was ready to go back to work. Natalia gave me enough structure to guide my thinking and let me come to my own conclusions.  With her help I have found a great job that I’m thrilled to have and feel excited.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get some help thinking through major decisions or to get some clarity on what really matters in your life.” – D.Z., Project Manager

Natalia wants to live in the world where ‘Thank You’ notes are scribbles by hand, everyone wakes up feeling 100% alive, and kindness and generosity are default responses to everything.

A wildly passionate life coach + thought-provoking writer, she’s been spotlighted on Semperiva, Kind Over Matter, Wellness Warrior, Wild Sister Magazine, In Spaces Between and Sprout Magazine.

Her first e-book ‘Three Simple Steps to Make BIG Things Happen’ + ‘Unravel Yourself’ interview series received outstanding reviews and helped many people make sustainable and long lasting positive changes in their lives.

When she’s not coaching up a storm, she can be found running/walking in Stanley Park, trying out a new Bon Appetite recipe with her boy friend and watching 70s cop shows.

Discover how to shine with passion every day + take magnificent strides towards making your dreams come true in life + business with Natalia!

To book an appointment or find more information about her services, please don’t hesitate to contact her:



t: (778) 786-2517


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